M Dudziak & Company

A Family-Owned Company

M Dudziak & Company (MDC) is a privately-held company owned and managed by members of the Dudziak Family. Martin Joseph Dudziak is the company founder and present (2023) Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board.

Business operations consist of the following unified set of operations:

I. Consultancy - Individual and Corporate

II. Publications - Aletheia Press

III. Planning and Adaptation Strategy - Wu Xing

IV. Private Investment - FORTE Horizons


Dr. Martin Joseph Dudziak
Private Counsellor

Consultancy Services
for Individuals, Families, Estates, and Corporate Organizations

My practice is established upon principles of aesthetics, ethics and logics that are derived from and refined through over fifty years of life experience including work as an academician, scientist, executive and analytical counsellor.

I provide personalized guidance and mentorship, drawing upon scientific foundations and including direct referral and introduction to expert specialists in appropriate fields, concerning many aspects of personal and professional life. My repertoire of counsel is unique in addressing many critical concerns and needs of people in today's society, including:

  • Lifestyle, habitat and relational transitions - personal, professional, organizational

  • Business initiation, development, management and disposition

  • Home and other property acquisition, relocation, transition and operations

  • Evaluation, appraisal and decisions regarding fungible and non-fungible properties - art, personal commodities, real estate, finances, and intellectual properties including patents and licenses

  • Acquisition of fine arts, real estate (residential and income-producing) properties, and business ventures (entrepreneurial and established)

Our lives and our life-changing decisions involve many dimensions - health, finance, family, community, society, environment. It is valuable to have a Special Counsellor who can objectively assist you in the complicated process of developing, planning and deciding upon what are often life-changing choices.

I assist you through objective listening, analysis, and mentorship in the changes and transitions you desire. This is providing Counsel in the classical manner. You are the client and I am your advocate, mentor and facilitator.

When appropriate (as will often be the case), I enable and empower you through specialists who serve you with objective, reliable expertise. My network of partners in law, medicine, psychology, finance, real estate, fine arts, construction and other areas of specialty consists of a very concise and proven group of individuals. Each possesses the demonstrated professional and personal expertise, ethics and reliability that is a requisite for serving my clients with quality that is truly d'Accord - Accuracy, Consistency, Completeness, Objectivity and Defensibility - in all actions rendered.

I serve all repertoires of aesthetics, lifestyles, cultures, histories, perspectives and circumstances.

I work to ensure that you attain your goals in the most optimal manner for your benefit.

As a true Counsellor, I guide you to the best specialist in appropriate fields.

I specialize in several unique areas of attention and focus:

  • Integration and Individuation
    - serving individuals, families, companies, organizations

  • Fine Arts
    - ancient, ethnic, medieval, renaissance, modern

  • Real Estate Properties
    - focus upon Northern Michigan and the Northern Great Lakes (primarily NW Lower Michigan - the Grand Traverse and Leelanau Regions)

  • Businesses
    - science, technology, engineering and medicine

My professional background is in the sciences including both physical and biomedical fields. My extensive career has included work, appointments and fellowships in several industries, within academia, within medicine, and in public service, within the United States of America and in many countries around the world. My specialization of education, training and practice spans research, development and application. (My curriculum vitae is available at Dr. D's CV.)

Within the medical and psychological domains, my specialization includes

  • neuromuscular and cardiovascular arrhythmia
  • psychological and social dysfunction
These conditions encompass disorders and syndromes derived from chronic and sustained stress, tension, and trauma including PTSD and PASC ("Long COVID"). These problems, increasing in our 2020s and beyond throughout society, have high impact upon person, family, home, business and our overall well-being and happiness. I bring an evolutionary new approach to addressing sustainability, stability, profitability and satisfaction.

In all aspects and dimensions of my practice as a Counsellor, I draw upon the relevance of established scientific, medical and social foundations. I apply proven methods of analysis, reasoning, dialectic communications and solution-building procedures. In all aspects of my consultancy I employ methods based upon and integrating the work of many schools and practices including those of Jung, Adler, Frankl, de Castillejo, Harding, Hillman, Singer.

This approach, applying neuromedicine and analytical psychology in concert with economics environmental science and social science disciplines, in matters such as selection of optimal business, home, real estate, art and career choices, is an evolutionary innovation and unique to my consultancy.

My COUNSEL to You is always based upon sound, established scientific knowledge and accepted methodologies. This applies to all functions and services including those of aesthetic and commercial mentorship, advocacy and representation.

My practice philosophy enables me as Counsellor to deliver accurate, consistent, comprehensive, objective and defensible guidance and solutions that are attractive and economically wise for my clients.

My services as Your Counsellor empower you to achieve the best in your personal projects including potentially a new home, property, work of art, business venture, investment plan, or other comparable goals. My dedication assists you to succeed in manners that provide peace of mind, profitability, risk-avoidance, and satisfaction. This applies to all aspects of personal lifestyle, habit, change, adaptation and innovation.


Other activities provided by the Company include:

Aletheia Press

Publishing house with two divisions

[I] Literary Trading and Consulting Services
Focus is upon rare, unusual, noteworthy, and controversial books, manuscripts and prints from European and Asian sources, Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance periods, particularly @ 1100 to 1600 CE. Consultation and brokerage services are with emphasis upon authenticated original manuscripts and accurate historical copies of ancient texts.

Visit http://mdudziak.tdyn.org/aletheia/

[II] Publishing Services

  • New Literature - new publications, principally fiction, poetry, art, philosophy, and history.
  • Historical and Rare Books and Manuscripts - reproduction in both modern and authentic-period formats

Publication is via three formats:

  • Digital - available through internet media sources, as licensed e-books.
  • Print - contemporary production of books in customized, very high quality, limited editions, softbound or hardbound, using contemporary modern printing techniques.
  • RUNES (Rare, Unusual, Noteworthy Editions and Sources) - a limited-version service, offering precision-produced accurate reproductions - new volumes, in limited and often single-copy editions - of rare, unusual and controversial books and manuscripts. Some editions are virtually indistinguishable from original historical manuscripts, in quality of inks, pages, bindings and other materials, offering a realistic experience of viewing, handling, and reading a book as if it were an original from many centuries past. (Note carefully: All such published reproduction materials are clearly marked, labeled, distinguished and officially registered as modern reproductions. The intent is to provide the owner with the experience of handling and reading a book "as if" it were from a recent or distant past century, and absolutely not to create any illusion or misrepresentation.)
Visit http://mdudziak.tdyn.org/aletheia/


Wu Xing (Five Elements)

Planning and Adaptation Strategy for Uncertain Futures

A business unit assisting individuals, communities, companies, and other organizations, to intelligently understand, plan, adapt, adjust, sustain, themselves and their interests, with respect to future environmental, climate, and socioeconomic changes, instabilities, civil unrest, and situations of need and deficit with respect to energy, water, nutrients, and other basic needs.

We provide "EcoLifeFutures", a suite of provisioning and preparation, through several products and services that span a wide and diverse range, that deliver simplicity, durability, resilience, and sustainability in all aspects of function pertaining to basic life support and sustainability. Among our provisionings are:

  • Devices for personal use including wearable-technology apparel - the best choices for You from what the market provides

  • High-reliability, elementary-technology devices for energy and communications (independent of commercial internet providers), available through established vendors

  • Specialty foods, herbs and spices with high potency, durability and health value, produced by renowned providers, and including products developed by Botanica Alchimia, a private laboratory dedicated to the customized, individually-tailored preparation of botanical and mineral extracts for personalized neurophysiological wellness, employing methods derived from classical traditions.

  • Analytical services pertaining to health-significant chemicals, biologicals and other materials in the environment, home and person, in strict adherance to CDC, EPA, NIST, EEA and WHO guidelines

We believe that each person is unique as well as complex. Not every technique or technology is suitable for each individual. "Mass-market anything" is not sensitive to You, your family, your home, your business. It is essential for individual health and happiness that there be opportunity and means for introspection, listening, dialog, analysis, reflection and then action. We work to empower and enable. That is our calling and our mission. This is where strong and clear Counsel joins with Aesthetic and Science to create Balance, Individuation, Integration, and Healthy Life.


FORTE Horizons

The company holds and manages equity asset and debt interests in a portfolio of privately-held and publicly-traded companies spanning several domains of business including metals and minerals, forestry, food production, water resources, and select technologies in healthcare, construction, energy, communication and conservation. The investment plan is limited to new members on an invitational basis.





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